Felling & Dismantling

We sometimes have to remove trees when a reduction is not viable, such as being too close to buildings.

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Crown Reduction

From a conservation point of view we would always rather reduce a healthy tree than remove it.

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Hedge Cutting

From the Huge hedges to the domestic garden, Hedge cutting is an annual job we carry out for many of our clients to a high standard.

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Site Clearance

We offer full site clearance to developers and land owners including green waste removal inline with our strict environmental policy.

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Woodland Management

Woodland management is also available including thinning, harvesting timber and other extractions.

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Stump Grinding

We offer a full stump grinding service right down to narrow access of a pedestrian gate, and right up to full site clearance of stumps.

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Specialist Machinery

As a company we like to do things as safe and efficiently as possible so we use the right machinery for the job every time.

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Dangerous Tree Removal

Over the years we have specialised in dangerous tree removal and using cranes is one of the areas in which we excel.

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Wherever possible when we remove trees we also like to replant dependant on the site or clients wishes.

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